SNOMED International

AMA and SNOMED International have been collaborating since 2016 on strengthening our global relationship and in the development of our respective coding and terminology solutions. Both organizations believe that an increasingly common medical language elevates the potential for more research and better health outcomes throughout the globe. 


Our collaboration has developed a “sandbox” that is producing solutions for clinicians, hospitals, payers and others who analyze health care data. Our two organizations continue to improve and integrate our terminologies for the benefit of health care planners and clinicians.

Improved visibility into the care pathway
Snomed visibility

Greater transparency

More easily see the resources used across your entire health system


Pinpoint inefficiency

Measure resource usage along care delivery paths by populations


Optimize resource utilization

Determine reallocation without degrading quality outcomes


Predictive analytics

More precisely predict future staffing and equipment demands

5-health policy

Health policy insights

Inform or justify policy changes and investments

6-Greater access

Greater access

Improved efficiency increases access to care